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By 2002 Jeffry Dunyon had learned all the wrong ways to trade the markets.  Like many people, he was losing money more often than making money.  Something had to change.  For a short time, he went to work for a large investment education company.  He loved teaching people about the basics of trading, but hated the aggressive “up-sell” method of the company.  However, he was introduced to a strategy he felt had major potential.  By combining spread trade adjusting with collar trading he created a methodology that could protect and grow a portfolio at the same time.  He developed his own education and decided to put the student first, instead of the sale.  Now Safe Option Strategies delivers a complete education which achieves the goals of the conservative and the aggressive trader alike.  By keeping the focus on low to zero risk trading, Safe Option Strategies makes it easy for anyone to trade with confidence in today’s wild volatile markets.  With students all around the world, Safe Option Strategies has become one of the leading complete investment education companies in existence.

Jeffry resides in American Fork, Utah with his wife of 28 years and their 4 amazing children.  He is dedicated to the success of his students, and places them first in his education program.

To learn more about what Safe Option Strategies can teach you, watch this streaming presentation.  It will be the best time you spend on your financial future.  Click here to view the presentation.


Jeffry Dunyon


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